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The Orion Zone: Hopi Star Correlations in the American Southwest

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27/04/2017 - 18:00 to 19:15

Some may be familiar with the correlation between the pyramids of Egypt's Giza Plateau and the stars of Orion. Beginning in 1100 AD, on the Arizona desert, the Hopi constructed a similar pattern of villages that mirrors  all the major stars in the constellation. 

Join author  Gary A. David  for an intriguing Ancient Origins Premium webinar –  The Orion Zone: Hopi Star Correlations in the American Southwest  as he explores the sky-ground relationship in the American Southwest and its astounding global significance. 

The Hisatsinom, or the ancestral Hopi (formerly known as the Anasazi), used the Orion constellation as a template to determine the locations of their stone villages in northern Arizona.

The Hopi god  Masau'u, ruler of both the earth plane and the underworld, spiritually mandated this “terrestrial Orion” to closely mirror its celestial counterpart. These villages correspond to  each major star in the constellation, which includes the Belt and in some respects, is similar to the Giza-Orion Correlation.

The star pattern, by its specific orientation on the land, also encodes various sunrise and sunset points of both summer and winter solstices. A central flux of ley line energy flows through the spine of the terrestrial Orion along a series of ancient pueblo sites ranging from southwestern Colorado to the mouth of the Colorado River.  This indicates a functional Earth-Chakra system.

Gary A. David  is an author and independent researcher who has studied Southwestern archaeological ruins and rock art for nearly thirty years. He earned a master’s degree in English literature from the University of Colorado, and is a former college professor.

His books about the Hopi and other ancestral Pueblo cultures of Arizona and New Mexico include:  The Orion Zone Eye of the Phoenix The Kivas of Heaven Star Shrines and Earthworks of the Desert Southwest .  His forthcoming book is  Journey of the Serpent People .  |

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