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The Druids Path to Ancient Ireland & Britain

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12/07/2014 - 06:30 to 25/07/2014 - 06:30

We hope this tour of Ancient Ireland & Britain will put you in touch with an ancient civilization, they may be long gone but they have left behind incredible ancient sites, stone circles, and mounds. We will visit beautiful ancient locations across southern Ireland including Newgrange, The Hill of Tara, Sligo and the Giants Causeway, for the 2nd part of this tour we will fly to England and visit sites including Stonehenge, Glastonbury and Bath (please see below for the full itinerary). We will interact with invisible energies such as ley lines, earth energy patterns, and currents and learn how to recognize these patterns anywhere in the world. Some energy lines are imbued with healing energy whilst others are oracle lines ideal for communing with Source or channeling. We will see how the land is encoded and begin to comprehend the lost technology employed by our distant ancestors.

This tour will study the ancient sites from a multitude of different perspectives, we feel it’s important to cover the fundamentals and discuss the accepted archeological perspective, we will also look at why the evidence can point to other more mysterious conclusions. Maria has studied Landscape Archaeology with the University of Bath and has written holistic diploma courses for the British School of Yoga, she also teaches reflexology, dowsing and past life regression for Swindon College and is co-author of  Avebury Sun Moon and Earth  a popular book which reveals the many ley lines and earth energies which were skilfully integrated into the megalithic architecture of Avebury Henge.

For those with an interest in meditation and sound work, Gary will be happy to share techniques learned from traveling to some of the worlds most powerful ancient sites including Egypt and Peru. If you are interested in expanding your consciousness you could find these techniques very insightful! Gary will also demonstrate how sound resonance can help to activate the Megalithic crystalline stones at many of the sites we visit.

This is a tour with a difference and we will experience, first hand, how ancient monuments may have been used. Open your mind and heart to ancient traditions and the old ways that could enhance the lives that we live today .

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