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The Annual Megalithomania Conference - 2017

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Event Date(s): 
20/05/2017 - 09:30 to 21/05/2017 - 18:00

The annual MEGALITHOMANIA CONFERENCE is taking place in the Town Hall of Glastonbury on 20th-21st May 2017. Freddy Silva is this years keynote speaker talking about 'Megalithic Temples and the Quest for the Otherworld', along with other renowned lecturers - Prof. Ronald Hutton, Howard Crowhurst, Patricia Awyan, Yousef Awyan, Nicholas Cope, Hugh Newman, Scotty Skinner, and John Martineau, who will be delivering the 'John Michell Memorial Lecture', introduced by Christine Rhone. On the Friday there is a private visit to Stonehenge, to get up close to the stones just with our Megalithomania group. There will also be tours to megalithic sites on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday after the conference.

NOTE: Schedule to be confirmed

9.30am: Registration
10:00 am: Howard Crowhurst
11.00 am: BREAK 
11.15 am: Scott Skinner
12.15 pm: BREAK
12:30 pm: Patricia Awyan 
1.30 pm: LUNCH 
2.45 pm: Nicholas Cope
400 pm: BREAK
4.15 pm: Prof. Ronald Hutton 
5.30 pm: DINNER 
7.30 pm: Keynote: Freddy Silva
9.00pm: END


10:00 am: Hugh Newman 
11.00 am: BREAK 
11.15 am: Yousef Awyan 
12.15 pm: BREAK 
12:30 pm: Howard Crowhurst 
1.30 pm: LUNCH 
2.45 pm: John Martineau - The John Michell Memorial Lecture, introduced by Christine Rhone. 
3.45 pm: BREAK 
4.00 pm: Special Guest Speaker TBC 
5.00 pm: BREAK 
5.15 pm: Speakers Forum 
6.00 pm: Closing Remarks. Conference Ends

Event Location: 
Town Hall, BA6 9EL Glastonbury, Somerset
United Kingdom
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