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Representational image of a baby dinosaur in an egg. Source: KtD / Adobe Stock

Dinosaur Was Sitting on Fossilized Eggs with Babies Inside When it Died

In May 2021, scientists made a major discovery in Ganzhou City in China’s southern Jiangxi Province. They found the remains of a dinosaur sitting on its nest of fossilized eggs. The dinosaur, an...
Dinosaur eggs

Scientists Peek Inside Dinosaur Eggs to Learn Secrets from Fossilized Embryos

Measuring about the same size as an adult human, o viraptorids, were bird like “ maniraptoran dinosaurs ”, genetically closer to birds than to ornithomimids, a group which many paleontologists...
Muscles in the back of a 10 week old human embryo’s hand called dorsometacarpales (the two smallest horizontal muscles highlighted at center) will be lost or fuse with other muscles during development. Source: Diogo, Siomava, Gitton.

Ancient Reptilian Hand Muscles Found in Human Embryos

High resolution 3D microscope images have revealed truths about early human development proving human embryos have more muscles than adults! At seven weeks of gestation a human embryo is the size of...
Young chimpanzee. On Right - Human Embryo. Source: Left, Public Domain; Right, CC BY-SA 2.0.

World’s First Human-Monkey Hybrid Created In China

A team of American and Spanish scientists relocated to China to jump European laws and they have created the world’s first human-monkey embryo, in the next step in the controversial breeding of...
How (Most) Humans Lost Their Tails - From Fish to Tetrapods to Apes to Homo Sapiens

How (Most) Humans Lost Their Tails - From Fish to Tetrapods to Apes to Homo Sapiens

Did you know that human embryos early in development have tails that later fail to grow for a lack of signaling from the genes? We end up with the coccyx at the end of our spines that protrudes a bit...