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Adult male from grave 76a in Yuzhniy Oleniy Ostrov drawn as if he were alive during a dance session with 140 elk teeth on his chest, waist, pelvis, and thighs rattling rhythmically and loudly.

8,000-Year-Old Elk Teeth “Dancing Rattlers” Are Recreated

Imagine this: 8,000-years-ago ancient hunters ritualistically danced wearing rattling elk teeth to enhance their hypnotic states of consciousness. Now, a Finish researcher has recreated an ancient...
Glösa rock art.

The Glösa Rock Art in Sweden Provides a Peek Into the Lives of Stone Age Hunters

One of the most interesting and enjoyable historic sites in the Scandinavian country of Sweden is Glösa. This is an area with remarkable prehistoric petroglyphs, excavated hunting pits, and a center...
Raymond McElroy with the antlers and skull of an Irish Elk recovered from Lough Neagh

Enormous 10,500-Year-Old Antlers of Extinct Giant Elk Pulled from Lake in Northern Ireland

Fishermen in Northern Ireland had an amazing catch in Lough Neagh, the largest lake in the British Isles, when they retrieved a huge pair of ancient elk antlers. It is estimated that they are about...