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The bronze plate pieces of the Roman military diploma found in the ancient Anatolian city of Perre or modern-day Adiyaman, Turkey. Source: Anadolu Agency

1,898-year-old Roman Military Diploma Gives Citizenship Rights

Archaeologists have found an ancient Roman military diploma dating to 123 AD in Turkey’s ancient city of Perre (modern day Adiyaman). The latest round of excavations, which have been carried out...
Piece of ancient Roman warrior’s diploma. Source: Deultum Archaeological Preserve / Fair Use.

Roman Diploma Unearthed In Bulgaria Spells Out Warrior’s Freedom

A tiny, rare and unique piece of a Roman military diploma has been unearthed in the ancient Roman city of Deultum near the village of Debelt in Bulgaria. Deultum was built in the 1st century AD...