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The Polish Princess, The Priest and the Treasure

The Polish Princess, The Priest and the Treasure

A Polish archaeologist come treasure hunter, has followed a series of historical clues leading to the unearthing of an ancient royal treasure trove. The 900-year-old princess’ treasure was found in a...
1,753 Roman denarii coins were found in total spread out over Mariusz Dyl’s farm near Lublin and they have been described as “the crown of Polish archaeology.”   Source: Stanisław Staszic / Muzeum Hrubieszow

The Massive Roman Denarii Hoard From the ‘Vandals’ Last Stand’

In 2020, Polish archaeologists uncovered a treasure trove of Roman denarii coins. They date from the first and the second century BC, and they probably belonged to a member of a Germanic people who...
A handful of the rare Roman coins that were part of the hoard

Huge Hoard of Ancient Roman Silver Coins Worth £200,000 Found During Treasure Hunt

Fisherman and amateur historian Mike Smale, was hunting for treasure with friends from the Southern Detectorists club when he found a hoard of ancient silver Roman coins potentially worth £200,000...
The Roman silver coins that were recently discovered in Ampurias, Spain and the amphora in which they were held.

Archaeology Student Discovers Amphora Full of 200 Silver Roman Coins

The archaeological site of Empúries (Ampurias), located in the province of Girona, Catalonia, Spain, is a unique site in the Iberian Peninsula which contains both the ruins of a Greek city -the...