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deer antlers

The artifacts are believed to have been used as deer antler instruments. Source: F. Z. Campos / Antiquity

Ancient Deer Antler Instruments Discovered in Vietnam After 3,000 Years

Our prehistoric ancestors were very busy people, but they must have known how to chill in between chores, to relax and recharge. It’s well known to science that our cave dwelling forebears gorged on...
A closeup of the incisions on the Bay of Skaill stone recently found just next to Skara Brae

Carved Stones May Indicate Neolithic Settlement on Scottish Isle!

Archaeologists in Orkney believe they “might” have discovered another 5,000-year-old Neolithic settlement in the Bay of Skaill, beside the world famous Skara Brae. Thought to date to around 3,000 BC...
Seated Mesolithic woman was likely a shaman.         Source: © Gert Germeraad/Trelleborgs Museum

Mesolithic Woman Stuns Onlookers With Her Electric Gaze

Thanks to modern facial reconstruction techniques, experts are now able to recreate the faces of our ancestors in stunning detail. This has recently been done to shocking effect with an extraordinary...