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Modern Scots Share DNA With Dark Age Picts. Source: Peter Atkins / Adobe Stock.

Modern Scots Share DNA With Dark Age Picts

Scientists reveal modern Scots have strong genetic links with their Dark Age ancestors. “ We're a' Jock Tamson's bairns” (We are all Jock Tamson’s children) is an old Scottish phrase meaning all...
Four paintings from ‘The Course of Empire’

Lost Star of Myth and Time: The Rise and Fall of Civilizations

The idea of a worldwide Dark Age or universal decline in man’s knowledge may be difficult to accept because the broad deterioration of ancient civilizations didn’t happen at an even pace in all...
The skeleton was found in an unusual position in his grave in the Russian Far East.

Tied Up in His Grave, The Strange 'Dancing Skeleton' of Ust-Ivanovka

By: Olga Gertcyk A Dark Ages man aged around 30 years old was found in a medieval graveyard for unusually old people in the Russian Far East. “We were struck by his unusual position,” said the...
Excavations are underway at Longvek, a site that was capital of Cambodia after Angkor fell in the 15th century.

New Discoveries at Ancient Cambodian Capital Dispel Old Beliefs

After the Siamese (Thai) people sacked Angkor in 1431 AD, the usual view is that Cambodia descended into a centuries-long dark age of isolation at the new capital its people established, called...