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Celtic crannog representation.           Source: photosvac / Adobe Stock

Ancient Elites in North-western Europe Enjoyed High-Island Living

Archaeologists in the UK have shown how ancient elite families retained their command over communities in the medieval world crannogs in north-western Europe. They controlled the communities they...
Scottish Crannog Fire Wipes Out Recreated Iron Age House in Minutes

Scottish Crannog Fire Wipes Out Recreated Iron Age House in Minutes

Overnight, 5,000 years of design skills that were invested in a recreated Iron Age house at the Scottish Crannog Centre in Perthshire, Scotland, have been engulfed in a fire. One onlooker said the...
The ancient butter dish found on Loch Tay, Scotland, dating from the Iron Age            Source: Scottish Crannog Centre

Ancient Butter Dish Found in Scottish Lake Still Held Butter

Researchers have found an unusual but especially important discovery in a Scottish lake : an ancient butter dish, made of wood, that has miraculously survived in water, for over two millennia. This...
A diver holds a Neolithic ca. 3,500 BC Ustan vessel found near a crannog in Loch Arnish, Scotland.      Source: C Murray/ Antiquity

Diver’s 5,500-Year-Old Discovery Hauls History of Scottish Crannogs Into Question

Archaeologists in Scotland have made “astounding discoveries” in a murky loch which finally determines when ancient homes known as crannogs were first used, and it’s thousands of years earlier than...