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cradle of civilization

Dust deposits carried by the wind to other places created fertile soils in the Fertile Crescent.   Source: Lukasz Janyst / Adobe Stock

New Study Proves How Desert Dust Deposits Created The Fertile Crescent

We consider dust to be a nuisance and worse, but without it, the history of humanity may have been very different. This is because dust deposits played a crucial role in creating an important fertile...
Mesopotamian seals and cuneiform tablets found in Marad, Iraq.      Source: Universita di Pisa

Cuneiform Tablets and ‘Envelopes’ Tell of Mesopotamian Sophistication

A team of Italian and Iraqi archaeologists has unearthed hundreds of cuneiform tablets in central Iraq. They also uncovered some clay coverings and seals with the tablets. The collection of cuneiform...
From the royal tombs of Ur, the Standard of Ur mosaic, made of lapis lazuli and shell, shows peacetime.

A Functional and Fertile Crescent: Technological Advancements in the Cradle of Civilization

The Fertile Crescent is the name given to the arc-shaped area of land that stretched across the Middle East from the northern end of the Gulf in the East to the Nile Valley in the West. It was here...