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corporal punishment

The drunkard's cloak on display at the Torture Museum in Bruges. Source: Dimitris Kamaras / CC BY 2.0

Wearing the Drunkard’s Cloak Was the Worst Hangover in History

After a night of drinking, few things are worse than a heinous hangover. Or so I thought! For during the early modern era, heavy drinkers were faced with a far worse punishment. Those guilty of...
Whipping boys were used by aristocrats and royalty.  Source: Left; King James I of England and VI of Scotland, Public domain Right;  "Edward and Whipping Boy" illustration by Walter S. Stacey, Public domain

Fact or Fiction? The Unjust Reality of a Whipping Boy

The history of the world’s nobility is filled with extravagance, wealth, and, more than often, with arrogance. In all corners of the globe, aristocrats and nobles, kings and young princes, were all...