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Reconstruction of how the supercontinent Rodinia would have looked. Source: Manuel Mata / Adobe Stock

Rodinia: The Great Unconformity and the Creation of Life on Earth

The geologic record of Earth’s history is 4.6 billion years long. It contains the history of life on Earth and the formation of the continents and oceans which cover the planet today. There are,...
Ancient continent was detected using samples from Baffin Island, Canada      Source: Ruben / Adobe Stock

Canadian Scientist’s Deep-Diamond Research Reveals Ancient Continent

Lucky Canadian scientists have discovered new evidence in diamonds of ancient continental formation and drift. During the Archean Eon, 4 to 2.5 billion years ago, the Earth's crust had cooled enough...
Geologists think Earth was once a water world.         Source: Credit: peangdao / Adobe Stock

Geologists Determine Early Earth Was a 'Water World'

The Earth of 3.2 billion years ago was a "water world" of submerged continents, geologists say after analyzing oxygen isotope data from ancient ocean crust that's now exposed on land in Australia...