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Age of the Spinx

I think we can accept that 120,000 years ago desert Nort Africa was likely green and lush and most likelt the Nile River and her sisters flowed in a differedt place.  As the oldest settlements in Egypt was found 100,000 years ago near Wadi Haifa, I expect the Lion King ruled from 60,000-70,000 years ago when settlements became established  along Nort and East Africa.



It appears you are crapping on proven science and endorse myths. I go by peer reviewed publications that do not include miracles. You can find answers to all your questions on line. I am not doing your work for you.


Sphinx Scientific Theory or Pseudoscience


The higher power of GODS with their many different names and forms, could it be that it is just a product of man’s imagination from his earliest inception, and evolved within him either by invention or design or miss/interpretation, learnt along the way down through the centuries, through different experiences and related  in fanciful stories culminating in religious myths, beliefs and legends etc, handed down through the different cultures from one generation to  another has the TRUTH, by the time it has reached modern man through a labyrinth of different path ways and sources throughout the world through history and time, over thousands of years by word of mouth etc. It is no wonder that the various beliefs held by certain nationalities and people from around the world are different in some ways from each other today, why on earth do we still believe in this drivel today, I do not know.” ARE WE DELUDING OURSELVES, DON’T YA THINK?”DO WE NEED TO TAKE A 21st CENTURY REALITY CHECK AND TAKE A GOOD HARD LOOK AT OURSELVES, and re-examine and revaluate our fragile and somewhat volatile belief systems?  just a thought, have a think about it.


Philosophy - what is reality,

Philosophy - what is reality, are their higher powers? The sense of life. There is only one task for every individuum on this planet to find his own answers. And what anyone finds out that will be judged at the end, because nothing on this great planet is senseless or without value.

K. Walter Haug
Cairn Research Society

Antigravitional effect?

Before the flood a sun-year were only ~30 days long, as long as the cycle of the moon, the calendar of Horus and the list of patriarch´s life expectancy shows. The earth axis wandered in this time on the polar circle around the pole of eclipse identical with the former magnetic pole. Nowadays, after the encounter of planet x, it wanders around between polar circle and north pole in an irregular way. This 30 days long turning of the earth axis, a movement which is nowadays brought to a totally standstill, added to the daily turning must have produced additional centrifugal force resp. lower magnetism, because the directions of these movements were contrary to each other. This would explain why a rampart found in a quarry at Hatnub north of Luxor has an angle of slope of 20 %. Calculation for the construction of the pyramids accepted ramparts not more than 5 %. Men would have not been able to transport such heavy loads in a steeper angle. Before the Flood there must have been an antigravitational effect. We in Germany know that our conclusions are far beyond the phantastic visions of prehistory intellectuals of the USA have sketched on false premises. We only want to know what was possible and what was not and what were the conditions? The truth is often more sensational than your (faked) school wisdom can be dreamed of.

K. Walter Haug
Cairn Research Society

Platonic year

I have to correct: The movement of the earth axis round the pole of precession did not stop totally. It is still going on but very very slow, one round in 26,000 years, the so called Platonic year. Platon is said to have mentioned this data in the antiquity, but this is achronological. Such a astronomical observation could only happen after the circling round the pole of precession came nearly to a stillstand. And this happened after 1350 AD. Fomenko voiced his suspicion that Plato is identic with Plethon a Byzantinian philosopher who wrote mainly about Platon. Many philosophers, clerics and at least one astronomer had double identities, a contempory and an antique or early medieval. In this function they produced the whole pseudo-antique and early Christian literature, Edwin Johnson in the 1880ies pointed out.  Later generations blew up these fakes to our present state of mind.

K. Walter Haug
Cairn Research Society

False declarations

Visa versa: Pseudo-archeologists claim it is iron of meteors, but the found iron has no meteor characteristical high part of 7 % nickle. It is ordinary iron of mines.

K. Walter Haug
Cairn Research Society


I see no source for any iron of 7% nickel as you claim that existed prior to the Hittite iron age. So you claim they smelted a single piece of iron and stopped and went back to bronze?

Iron was first

The discovery of iron was first - Copper and tin came later – because brown iron was reachable on the surface. In Germany at the rim of the Suebian Alp there ist the world´s greatest source of brown or bean iron, the Celts did mine it easily by digging holes into the slope of the hills. Sources of superficial iron could have exist at the river Nile and be outsourced nowadays complete, or they got imports of other regions. There must have been an old Suez channel which all orient merchants of this time had to use. This gave Egypt an extraordinary power and the means to buy iron from other folks and to built the biggest pyramids of the world.

K. Walter Haug
Cairn Research Society

Iron age

The iron age happened at different times in different regions and the term is not exact. We now know the Hittites used meteor iron to make strong weapons to conquer the Egyptians. Germany’s Iron Age started about 800 BCE. I find nothing to suggest otherwise or that they traded with Egypt. Are you serious?

Age of the Spinx

These posts are stimulating and intreguing but truth is  not much research is out there to satisfy the 5% margin of logical probability of the Age of the Spinx.  I feel we therefore need to set up an Algorythm for further investiagtion starting at the Point of Origin.  Somewhere in the Tribal Lands of Pre Isrealite/Eqyptian migration a record exists. My gut instinct points to Ethopia, scouring the old Monasteries  for clues  should reveal a compompas point to the next step. The Ancestors from the very first caveman and woman were a clever bunch and without their skill and ingenuity none of us would be here, we should look for the signs they have left us. I’ll bet my that members of a tribe got together and eiher befriended a a giant Lion or acquired a cub and reared it to protect their settlement. Cats may be independent but they are loyal and the truth about the great cat in the Desert must exist in the old world. 


Starting Point

Nabta Playa is where I would start.

The age of the Sphinx

I find it unlikely that the Sphinx in its man-headed form should have been made “in the middle of nowhere” before the Giza plateau was turned into an important necropolis by the building of the pyramids. I think we should look for its connection to the pyramids to understand this strange colossus, the Sphinx.

Pyramid orientation
There is little doubt that the Giza pyramids were oriented very precise in the cardinal directions by the help of stars or the sun rising and setting. There are different ways they could have done this; all of them reveal pretty good knowledge of the starry sky and the way it changed both overnight and through the year. So let’s consider if the Sphinx figure with its combination of human head and lion’s body can be linked to the starry sky.

If the Leo constellation was recognized in Egypt as in Mesopotamia, it may be represented by the lion body of the Sphinx. But what about the human head?
Leo is one of the constellations in the Zodiac belt – the constellations that the sun and planets pass. The opposite constellation to Leo is the one we call Aquarius. This constellation is on the Denderah star map (presumably c. 50 BC) carved in the figure of the Nile god Hapi, pouring water out of jars. The Egyptian depiction of Aquarius as Hapi may by the way have caused later renaissance depictions of Aquarius to pour water out of a jar too, revealing his historical connection to Hapi, the Nile god.

Sun ruling day, Hapi  ruling night
Hapi is depicted as a human figure, a man with breasts. He could be the head part of the Sphinx, because there is a direct collaboration between the two constellations.
Each year the sun passes through the constellation of Leo in the summer time. When it does, the sun rises in the east in the constellation Leo, passes over the sky (the stars of Leo cannot be seen by day, but they knew all the stars were turning too), and sets in the west in the evening. This is the moment when Hapi/Aquarius takes over. The constellation rises in east and “rules” the night sky until morning, when it sets in west, handing over the sky to the sun in Leo again.
So this time of year the sky is ruled by both Hapi and the sun. It is also the time when the star Sirius/Sothis/Sobdet reappeared on the eastern sky just before sunrise, having for a time been on the sky in daytime and therefore invisible. Sirius’ reappearance marked the beginning of the annual flood of the Nile, so it is quite appropriate that Hapi ruled the night sky here.

Southeast direction somehow important
The first pyramid built at Giza is Khufu’s (Cheops’). When looking at a transparent plan of the chambers you notice that as a whole, the chambers are displaced from the center in the direction of the Sphinx. The well in the subterranean chamber is even turned as to underline the diagonal direction. Remembering that the purpose of the pyramid is to help the deceased king to the sky, it is interesting that at the time of year when the sun enters Leo and Sirius reappears at sunrise, the constellation Orion (Osiris to the Egyptians) therefore stands a little higher on the southeastern sky. So perhaps the chambers of Khufu’s pyramid were placed southeast of the center deliberately to point to Osiris in the sky, at the time of year when the Nile was reborn. And perhaps the whole pyramid was placed to have the giant magical statue of the Sphinx in this direction too.
Which means the Sphinx was made in a combined effort with the pyramid at Khufu’s time.

(I see that illustrations are left out, unfortunately. But you may read my article )


How old is the Sphinx?

PATENTING A NEOLITHIC THEODOLITE. A simple solution for spherical geometry in primitive astronomy
United KIngdom Patent Office, CERTIFICATE OF GRANT OF PATENT GB2344654, 2002
Crichton E M Miller FCILT reverse engineered the artefacts known as the Dixon Relics found in 1872 by Waynman Dixon in the  north shaft of the Queens Chamber of the Pyramid of Khufu, (the artefacts are  now split between the British Museum and Aberdeen), and following the scientific method of testing theory through constructing working models and  conducting field trials at Neolithic sites from 1998- 2002, AS proof of functionality applied for two patents through the United Kingdom Patent Office  to prove that the working models  would support the theory that the cross shape, both Solar wheel and the cruciform type extant in the Necropolis at Egypt would reflect an early instrument for measuring time and calendar, leading to primitive astronomy ,architecture and navigation through practical spherical geometry probably employed in Neolithic and Bronze Age construction methodology based in a proto-scientific system based on astrologia or primitive astronomy that has descended into a pseudo science . You can read proof of funtionality in the patent which was granted here .

Crichton E M Miller FCILT