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Cubit Numerology


     The link to the core of numbers overlooked is cubits in mankind's time line.  Modern numerology using astronomy as the main focus misses the anomalies in human existence.  The missed target is a result of modern numbers, the units and calculation from the Georgian calendar.  These units have only been in practice for about 500 - 800 years.  What of the previous 12,000 years and even further back to creation?  One only needs to look upon man's past unit of measure and record of time to conceive this.  Some fixed examples, Stonehenge, the sun temple of Ra, the celestial moon temples and the cubit rod of Maya on display at the Turin museum.  In modern times, mysticism, chemistry and fiscal systems were derived from these earlier measures.  Mankind truly is great however, he lost (or Cyrus guild ed) his graduate achievement that built and civilized the ancient world from the view of above to below.  It is my impression that this loss unplugged numerology from its rightful inheritance of the earth.

     Were cubits a number unification theorem?  An explanation can be found in the progression of the cubit rod ratios:

7 28 4 Egyptian

4 16 4 Sumerian

6 24 4 Biblical

9 36 4 Babylonian (the last evolved cubit rod ratio 539 B.C.)

     One can see an advancement in the incorporation of the circle formed 36 unit rod of Babylon with each of the 36 units/digits in 10 degree increments for radial calculation.  This is in parallel with Ancient Egyptian astronomy having 36 groups of stars (small constellations).  Every 10 days a new constellation would have a heliacal rising. A total of 36 decans were observed and were presided over by a deity.  The rising of each new constellation decan marked the beginning of a new decanal "hour".  Later, the twelve signs of the Zodiac and/or “the little animals” adopted a 3 decan balancing. 3 decan x 12 = 36.

     The union of harmonics reinvented using cubits can be attributed to Pythagoras' musical scale. Unison √432 and the perfect 5th √648 are tuned to a root 2 and root 3 hierarchical cubit rod.  So, Pythagoras instead of using root length increments, squared up for appeasement.  Why re-invent ? It is written that Cyrus met with Pythagoras, Cyrus would have executed Pythagoras if he brought back cubits to the forefront.  The one and only thing that united the ancient world of Egypt and Babylonia was the philosophy of cubits.  Cubits would have been viewed as an undermine to Cyrus' rule (thus, secret society).  Pythagoras later introduced Musica universalis and along with his string portion musical scale is the modern equivalent to string theory.  With one exception, all of Pythagoras' work was accomplished from one unit of rule, cubits the math of the previous kings.

     These cubit examples in relationship with the teachings of Thoth (Hermes, Mercury) seeded a hierarchy of ever increasing knowledge and self awareness, a physical order to the heavens as well as a mystical one in a consciousness of the quantum universe both spiritual and material.  The language of mathematics was the aether that bonded the priests of egypt, kabbalahist, alchemists, ancient astronomers, pythagorean and the stonemasons to erect external and internal from above to below.  So, did the ancients have a mathematical unification theorem to “all is number” ?  The answer is yes, one unit of measure produced all of these divine societies and the sacred geometry that drove them.

     Lastly, what is the composition of a cubit rod?  Digits/cubits are a mediator between SI units (mm) and the British inch system. Decimals and fractions thereof inter-populated with root length increment and right angle theorem in a network of interwoven numbers.  In the physical, geometry energizes the rod, numbers being “all”.  One has to think if one unit of rule, cubits can predict linear distance, radial, dimensional, cosmic, platonic, harmonic, time etc., logic suggests this should be numerology's base to forecast.  In my ongoing opinion, the only thing standing in mankind's way is mankind.  Don't believe me, just ask the Pythagorean brotherhood or any of the aforementioned societies.  Well okay, astronomers have their own tarot card.  -Frank A. Tytar


In 1582, the introduction of Georgian calendar.

The zero was introduced in the 15th century but, oddly enough, arrived on scene in about 400 and 300 B.C. in Babylon's Fertile Crescent.


     Are the aforementioned SI units (mm) and the British inch derived from and integral to cubit rods? The answer is yes. It is curious why mankind re-scripted this. I still can not grasp the missed interpretations of Sir William Matthew Flinders Petrie and the biblical cubit analysis thereafter. They were comparing a cubit unit to that of our modern units currently held in the office of weighs and measures. Instead, if you took the standard inch unit block and the standard millimeter block housed there and added .00219” to the inch block, the millimeter would then calibrate to 25.455mm (√2 at 36 increments in a one inch unit). The shared mechanics of the modern yard, the Babylonian cubit rod, the millimeter, the inch and √right angle theorem. It is really that simple. The √2 hypotenuse is now the gateway to the square, diameter of its coincident circle and Plato's platonic shapes thereof. The area and volume in unison are harmonically exercised together in Pythagorean arithmetic. As a note, Pythagorean math is more so that of Egyptian mathematics, where Pythagoras studied cubits.  Ancient wisdom held theorems were absolutely true from one scale. Cubit rods are a theory of everything that move toward a better description of nature.

     The standard length of a digit/cubit would predict in parallel with that of an inch and a millimeter because a cubit rod hierarchy consists of all three. A cubit rod hierarchy is a trifecta of the three measures, not one.


     Is there anyone interested in the actual workings of a cubit rod?

yes i m interested in cubit

yes i m interested in cubit rod

How so?

The link, just recently posted, basic principals and half of rod functionality.

Is your interest from a mathematical nature or a conscious nature?




In closing

It is not only that Galileo's theory of gravity and acceleration or Einstein's theory of relativity is correct, it is more so that the formula is geometrically squared in a manner that cubit rods predict.

I have two eights in the date

I have two eights in the date of my birthday. Read on that people of number 88 are for fairness and trying to do business honestly. It is said that their integrity and confidence in their actions helps to achieve material well-being. However, 88 means moving in a circle. Who else has these numbers, does everything match?

88's truth

Are you asking if angelic numbers can be reconfigured from cubits? If so, yes, with a much more profound result. Same goes for any means of number forecasting. When numbers are geometrically driven, unlike modern numerology, they accumulate more substance. In this case, with cubits. This, of course, is in scope of numbers being all (Pythagoras) and geometry being all (Masons).

Angelic numbers, for instance, only touches on the British standard unit tier of a cubit rod. There is √length (mm) cubit/digits and geometric integration tiers to consider that the angelic numbers fail to grasp.

If you are familiar with

If you are familiar with Astrology, then you may know a little bit about Numerology; it is similar in quite a few ways but uses a different method to get the information and insight Numbers .By understanding that everything in the world is dependent on, and can equate to numbers you should read more information about this from the article where everything is explained

familiar indeed

The numerology is is composed wrong, perhaps that’s why your lost. Try it in the manner of the ancients





Your post is about number which is explained well all angel numbers Thanks

The History of Numerology

That’s right! The history of angel numbers goes all the way back to ancient times, when people believed that seeing certain numbers could be a sign of divine guidance. I believe it were Greek who first mentioned angel numbers. People would observe the numbers they noticed in the world around them and interpret those numbers as messages from beyond. Source:

“But in a solitary life, there are rare moments when another soul dips near yours, as stars once a year brush the earth. Such a constellation was he to me.”
― Madeline Miller, Circe

the true cubit

the ancient cubit. was and is the measure of the blueprint of creation. there is only one authority who knows all there is to know about it. and its the key to understanding the ancient wisdom and ties everything together as a whole. it gives you the real location of the grail, the ark of covenant, the garden of eeden, the tree of life and the tree of knowledge. and not one iota out of place. while yes technically you can convert it to inches but by doing so you loose a vital key. now this information has never openly been published, and was lost for a long loong time, only fragments we known, but all has been re-discovered, now i was given permission to go public. but a forum isnt really the place to do that, as the information/wisdom is so fast so large that it would need another way to make it known as it will forever change the way we look both to the ancient masters and look on life itself. perhaps ancient origins could be the platform. but the story must be told from the very beginning. one thing i promise, it will be considered the greatest rediscovery that will rewrite all science and religious knowledge. is ancient origins up to it?


sadly i came across so many number juggles, calculating  their way to the disired results, but it follows a geometrical pattern, like that of the circle/sphere and the hexagream and pentagram, and he who solve,s that has solved half of the sacred secret. as for the cubit, there are 3 ways to obtain its correct measure. 1, ) the difference in % between a circle and a cube in percentage. 2) a pendulum of one meter swung over 30 degrees makes an arc lenght of one cubit equal to one second. similar is it with the 432. or 432.000 in the veda,s

which  is the diameter of the Mossaroth. or zodiac  but there are a few mathematical rules presently unknown to the general public that need to be known in order to grasp the layers hidden within the texts.

without one iota out of place.  the hebrew language isnt fully understood even by most scholars . while they understand that each letter has a number value and each letter represents something like 2 or beth stands for two and house. etc. there is much more to it.  while not complicated it is complex. but very few wish to hear it, and rather hold on to their personal theories. while many say to seek truth, they are selective in their search and take or reject in accordance with their personal ideas. only a very small group have opened their eyes to it. the greatest service on can give the world is to know thyself,  while little understood, even less have reached. but those who trully seek it, who wish to free themselves from the enslavement that blinds them are welcome to send a motivational request.