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technical problem

After clicking on an artcle of which I want to read only the left half of the photos are visible whilst the text is complete.



Can you please send us a

Can you please send us a screenshot because we cannot replicate the issue. Also the type of the device you use?


I have a screen shot to send

I have a screen shot to send but I need an address to send it to or how do I send?

device = desk top P.C. running windows XP.


Please email them to info

Please email them to [email protected]!

redeeming points problem

First of all i want to thank you very much, i received the book that i ordered with the redeeming points.

The problem that i want to report is that after i ordered the book, i still can see my whole amount of points (254) and i should have 220 points less (34), because that was the value of the gift i ordered.


Thank you for letting us now.

Thank you for letting us now. It is now fixed :-)

Technical issue

I have attempted to log-in several times, but I am told that my password and email do not match.  I have used the temporary password which is sent to my email to gain access to the reset page.  I have reset the password several times, yet the next login attempt gives me the same error message.



downloading article

I can’t figure out how to download article

Susan Kirwan

Hii everyone

Hii everyone

I was also facing the same issue.Thanks for solving my problem. Now It's fixed