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Code Of Ethics Policy

Code of Ethics® is a News and Information  website established in August 2016 and incorporated under the Companies Act 2006  as a Private Limited Company in Ireland.

These guidelines describe the values, standards and practices we pursue in our publishing.  

As a small news  and publishing  organization there are limitations as to what we can and cannot publish. Survival and revenue generation are key factors in our decision making but  so is the  responsibility to  inclusivity, providing a platform for different ideas and views.  

We at Ancient Origins and Stella Novus Ltd.  depend on each staff member , author, writer, editor, and freelance  contractor working with us in  maintaining the highest standard of ethical behavior—by acting with honesty, fairness, and transparency.  


We endeavor to take all reasonable steps to ensure that everything we publish is accurate and true to the facts. This ranges from the easily confirmed  to the nuanced and more debatable  

We maintain high standards of reporting, writing , and editing to produce work that is as accurate as possible. We create and edit our journalism  and editorials  in ways aimed at anticipating problem areas, reducing mistakes , and correcting them as quickly and transparently as we can.  

We expect our third party representatives (independent contractors, agents, consultants, suppliers, business partners, and others who support our mission or receive our funds) to act with the same high standards that our Ethics  Policy requires of us, and to comply with all  applicable policies 


We are a completely independent entity not beholden to any external influences. We manage  and disclose any  conflicts of interest and seek to remain free of influences that might interfere with  writing, editing, or presenting  information that is accurate, fair, transparent, professional , and helpful.   

Stella Novus Ltd. and Ancient Origins  employees may not enter into relationships that compromise the work that we do. This includes relationships with any external individuals, bodies, foreign governments, political parties , or entities who may compromise our work unless otherwise stated. If we ever do, these will be disclosed.  

Business and Financial Integrity  

We do  business in a fair, lawful, ethical , and respectful  manner towards people and their  privacy, and  strive to minimize harm. These guidelines serve as checks and balances on the perspectives and personal biases that  anyone brings to writing.  

We are a truly global company, with staff all over the world.  Every country we work in has laws against corruption and bribery. We take compliance with these laws seriously.  

To ensure that our financial statements properly reflect our assets, liabilities, and transactions, the financial records each staff member  or contract worker  submits must be complete, accurate, and understandable.  You can find our  Ownership and Funding information here.  

Professional Conduct  

We are proud to maintain a  friendly and professional  work environment, and we are committed to ensuring it remains productive  and respectful.  Violence, bigotry , and harassment are not tolerated in any way, and must be reported so that it can be immediately and fully investigated, and measures taken  

Contact us about this or any of our policies at:  

or through  our website contact form.