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Christian church

A witch burning at the stake, just like the three witches of Bochnia were executed for their heinous crimes.                 Source: Matrioshka / Adobe Stock

Unearthing The Baby Burning Witches Of Bochnia, Poland

Archaeologists in Poland have unearthed two witches’ skeletons that belonged to an unholy dark trinity, who in 1679 AD were burned at the stake. What did these three women, now known as the witches...
Peel Castle, Isle of Man. Source: vulcan57 / Adobe

Peel Castle: Centuries of History, a Mysterious Pagan Lady, and a Phantom Dog

The Isle of Man is a small island in the Irish Sea between Ireland and England and is a Crown Dependency of the United Kingdom. Because the island was settled approximately 8000 years ago, it has a...