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The Escolania boys choir performing in the Abbey of Montserrat, Catalonia, Spain. Source: Jean Robert Thibault / CC BY-SA 2.0

After 700 Years, Monastery Choir “Boys Only” Rule is Broken

In yet another instance of the dissolution of gender barriers, girls are all set to storm one of the surviving bastions of male exclusivity: the all-boys Escolania choir, based at the Benedictine...
The Medieval Origins of The Carol: How Christmas Songs Have Survived Through the Centuries

How Christmas Carols Have Survived the Centuries

Singing and Christmas seem to go naturally together, like plum pudding and custard. Even those who would not normally attend a choir concert or church service throughout the year might happily...
Earliest known piece of polyphonic music

British Library intern finds earliest known piece of polyphonic music

An intern has discovered a beautiful inscription of the earliest known piece of polyphonic music, a choral piece written for two vocal parts, in a British Library manuscript dating from about 900 A.D...