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3,000-Year-Old Corridor in Peru Temple Yields Massive Condor Statue

3,000-Year-Old Corridor in Peru Temple Yields Curious Condor Statue

Archaeologists in Peru used cameras mounted on robots to explore the entrance to a 3,000-year-old sealed tunnel at the Chavin de Huantar archaeological site in Peru. The excitement was static when...
The Condor pot discovered at Chavín de Huántar 	Source: Antamina

Hidden Tunnels Lead to 3,000-Year-Old Condor Gallery At Chauvín de Huántar

When an archaeologist in Peru squeezed into a tunnel at Chauvín de Huántar in Peru, he discovered a hidden 3,000-year-old chamber. At the center of the ancient space he came across a singular...
art of the megalithic temple excavation site at Huaca el Toro in Peru. Source: EFE

Water Cult’s Megalithic Temple in Peru was Re-Purposed for Death

A megalithic temple found near the springs of the Zaña Valley river in Peru is an interesting find for several reasons. First, it’s the only known megalithic architecture in the Lambayeque region...
Moche Decapitator mural at Huaca de la Luna

Exploring the Cupisnique Civilization: First Amongst the Supernatural Decapitators?

The Cupisnique culture (1500 BC-200 BC) is considered one of the most definitive and influential societies that existed in the Jequetepeque Valley of Peru. Their influence reached Cajamarca , Chavin...
This woman is showing how local textiles are woven.

Hacking the Ancient Binary Cosmic Codes of the Inca’s Woven Textiles

Mainstream history relates how human beings hunted their way out of Africa and eventually reached the landmass now called South America about 15,000 years ago. Trading across vast mountain ranges and...
A Chavin Rover robot archaeologist at work in the Chavin de Huantar temple.

Robotic Archaeologists Discover New Tunnels and “Face Down Bodies” at Chavin de Huantar

State of the art all-terrain robots called Chavin Rovers have explored the 3,000-year-old temple of Chavin de Huantar in Peru. After mapping a series of ancient underground passageways, which are...
The theatre at Aspendos, Turkey is famous for its magnificent acoustics. Even the slightest sound made at the center of the orchestra can be easily heard as far as the upper most galleries. It is the best preserved and most complete example of a Roman theatre.

Ancient Acoustic Artifacts and Communication with the Gods

In this article, I will introduce the subject of archaeoacoustics and ancient “musical instruments”. As we will see, these can be used in conjunction with a number of ancient sites from around the...
Frieze discovered at the atrium of the Main Pyramid Huaca Garagay site.

Incredible New 3,500-year-old Chavin Style Friezes Discovered at Central Site in Lima

Lima Municipality archaeologists have discovered ancient, high relief friezes painted in several colors at Huaca Garagay site in Lima's San Martin de Porres district. Experts suggest that the newly...
Did Ancient Priests in Peru Invent Authority?

Did Ancient Priests in Peru Invent Authority?

Authoritarianism is an issue of special gravitas this year, given claims of heavy-handedness in US presidential politics and widening conflicts against dictatorships in Syria and elsewhere. But why...
Gold Mochica Headdress (1 – 700 AD) representing a feline deity with fangs and condor ornaments.

Scientist explores connection between Shang Dynasty China and ancient Peruvian cultures

Similarities in ancient art and artifacts found in China and Peru have led some scholars to suggest an ancient link between the two cultures. Now a Chinese scientist will be undertaking genetic...
Chavin Culture

3,000-year-old religious sanctuary discovered in Peru

During archaeological excavations in the Congona archaeological zone in Peru, archaeologists stumbled upon a sanctuary that predates the Incas and goes back to the Chavin culture. Researchers believe...