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Channel Islands

Saint Michael’s Mount in Cornwall (Public Domain)

Channel Island Hopping In Search of Illusive Ictis

Saint Brendan’s Isle, Hy-Brasil and the Isle of Avalon are three of the many fabled islands that were once believed to have existed off the coastline of Britain. These were traditionally difficult...
Neanderthal Interbreeding with Humans Rampant on Jersey?

Neanderthal Interbreeding with Humans Rampant on Jersey?

Modern technology has allowed experts to re-analyze ancient Neanderthal teeth discovered at the start of the 20th century in a Jersey cave. They have been found to share attributes with those of...
The dolmen of Faldouet is one of several Neolithic Jersey dolmens. It is a Neolithic passage grave located near St. Martin and a highlight for visitors to the island. Source: Lux / Adobe Stock

Vandals Drill into Neolithic Jersey Dolmen Looking for Quartz

A famous dolmen on the Channel Islands has been damaged. Vandals drilled into one of the supporting stones of the 6,000-year-old Stone Age monument. It is believed that they were looking for quartz...