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Archaeology aids in our understanding of history. Source: koldunova/Adobe Stock

Uncovering the Past: The Role of Archaeological Research in Reconstructing History

The enormous responsibility of comprehending our past falls to historians, anthropologists, and archaeologists. Our understanding of past civilizations and their contributions to contemporary culture...
Researchers have discovered extinct strains of smallpox, an infectious disease also known as Variola, in the teeth of Viking skeletons proving the disease was around at least 1,400 years ago. Source: nobeastsofierce / Adobe Stock

Viking Explorers Found To Be Carriers Of The World's Deadliest Virus

Chinese-Flu, Kung-Flu and now Trump-Flu, according to Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, but now, in the middle of all these politicized pseudonyms names for...
Inside the planned mid-England Barrow.

A Return to Ancient Burial Traditions: Want to Be Buried in a Barrow?

Humanity has buried their dead in a variety of ways, down the ages. In the distant past the dead were often buried in barrows. It has been many millennia since one of these burial sites has been...