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Sumerian Mythology: A Collection of Ancient Sumerian Myths and Epics


The relationship and search for God, gods, or goddesses is one of civilized man’s earliest preoccupations. Our place in the universe is anything but certain and with that uncertainty comes the need for explanation and a yearning for understanding. It has always been the enigma of man to explain, theorize, or pontificate upon that which the obvious solution evades us. This book is a collection of varying myths and epics of the Ancient Sumerian civilization. The Sumerian culture is deeply rooted in myth and mystery. Their influence is greatly seen in all of Ancient Mesopotamian civilizations and they played a heavy hand in forming the mythology of the ancient people in the cradle of civilization. This book is a tribute to the tales of old that have seemingly long been forgotten, it is the figurative ode to Ancient Mesopotamia and the great impact and influence they still hold on today’s cultures. I hope you enjoy the compilation of the following tales of mythology!