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The Story of World History


History books often consist of boring facts and stories that can bore even the most enthusiastic reader. Not with this book; discover the history of the world anew and get a basic understanding of the times and developments of historical periods.

From the beginning of civilization and Alexander the Great to the First World War, each section takes you on an adventure through time to discover the most important moments in history and how they shaped civilization today.

From the dawn of civilization to the height of European power, over the birth, prosperities, and declines of empires on four continents, this world history book takes a fascinating journey through the most significant events in history and shows you the cultural achievements of people, countries, and civilizations long forgotten. Each area of the world has a unique history, and you will learn the glory and downfalls of great empires and their leaders.

Here is a short preview of what you will learn:

  • An overview of the history of mankind
  • Ancient history and their most important civilizations including the history of Egypt, the history of Greece, and the history of Roman Empire
  • Asian history that includes Japanese history, Chinese history, and Indian history
  • Extensive European history from antiquity to modern times,
  • Discover the history of England, the history of France, the history of Germany, and Russian history
  • American history including pre-Columbian, the history of the Aztecs and Incas
  • Civilization history and old empires at war
  • Unites States history: American history including the rise of the United States and Civil War history
  • The Development of the modern world from the Renaissance Italy to the Industrial Revolution
  • Discover anew our ancient origins
  • The history of colonialism
  • World War I Prelude and Military History
  • And much more!

This world history book for learners will give you an unhindered perspective of world history, and you will learn of true cultures and understand the historical timeline of countries and areas. By reading this book, you can deepen your knowledge, and you will be able to get an unbiased overview of events from the past so that today's cultures and current events make more sense.