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The Star of Bethlehem


The Star of Bethlehem

The first Christmas day was on February 26th in the year 6 BCE for that has turned out to be the date when Jesus was born. This conclusion was derived from the findings of new research on what became known as the Star of Bethlehem. There were two features in identifying the date of birth one of which was with the astronomy behind the mysterious star. It was known that there were spectacular displays involving the planets of Jupiter and Saturn in  the year 7 BCE and a further massing of Jupiter, Saturn and Mars in 6 BCE but there appeared to be no evidence to support the speculation that the unusual phenomena was the Star of Bethlehem. This is where the breakthrough came for the records of an ancient biblical calendar were recently identified from where they lay displayed as mere sets of domestic related numbers. Following detailed analysis of the data, those sets of numbers proved to be the days of a sophisticated solar calendar. Within the calendar’s matrix were the technical specifications to identify that heavenly spectacle, which appeared over Bethlehem.

Astronomer have calculated that Jupiter and Saturn come in close alignment together on three occasions over the period of several months in 7 BCE.  To make this wonder in the heavens even more unusual it was followed by a triangular alignment between Jupiter, Saturn and Mars in February of 6 BCE. The period from the first day of the triple conjunction on the 27th May 7 BCE to the triangulation of the three planets on the 26th February in 6 BCE was nine months to the day. It was the same as the nine months pregnancy of Mary with her baby Jesus.

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what happened to Mary was pregnant in Jan.??? also, you are speaking of a time from May to Feb 26th and that was not the first nor was it the last day this could be seen. IN short, I call BS. On both you and your ridiculous religion. sheesh. can't you just stop?

It seems that a few years ago that astronomer used a program to trace bach the planets to that time. I think I remember the date of 3 BCE as the date of a possible supernova in the west in the constellation of Leo that brought the astrologers to Bethlehem from Baghdad. Today these wise men write the horoscope in the papers.Then the conjunction of Jupiter and I forget the other brought them south from there. Let me state I do not believe in the Gods breeding with earth women but there is other sources that state Herod had babies killed to be sure that his throne was safe. The killing was stopped by Herod's sister.

Hi All,

The Star of Bethlehem from the perspective of Astronomy is intriguing although, The Gospel of Luke the Beloved Physician as he's identified in The Bible; appears not to be noticed as much that Matthew where The Magi are mentioned.

At the present moment, I'll not discuss on Gabriel's presence in Luke I'm interested in something else involving Astronomy with the 3 Alignments of Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars that seemed to display The Star of Bethlehem.

It does seem that in the Ancient World, people instinctively looked to the Stars in seeking signs and wonders from the gods that something of great import was taking place with the gods.

The Bible on the other hand went into the direction of signs & wonders then made a right turn towards prophecies. The prophecies themselves contain so many interpretations it's intriguing as for myself I follow the prophecies of Daniel & Revelation.

Okay, now on to a question that I have about The Star of Bethlehem, an The New Star of Bethlehem to come and shine forth in The Universe.

I know you'll probably wonder why I bring up African Slavery in America as a question about The Star of Bethlehem but, it truly is poignant to the Astronomy aspect of The Planet's Aligning up.

I've already asked this question previous but, haven't got answer to my inquiry so I'll ask this question here.

The Topic is about The Planet Alignment that was the reason behind the Star of Bethlehem forming; but, this is about another place in History involving Star Gazing.

During the Time of The African Slavery my ancestors were forbidden an education. Some slaves learned how to read & write but, not a whole lot of them as a whole.

In those days of Hell on Earth the only thing the Slaves had was Astronomy. If one ever saw the movie Amistad they'll understand my reason for questioning about the Star's.

The Slaves read The Stars to look for signs when to run from enslavement. Much like the Ancient World looked for those same signs and wonders from the gods to inform them regarding some type of mysterious undertaking that was happening.

Hard to believe how they could believe in God right an they were Slaves?

Getting back to the Astronomy question at hand so there is this song called Follow the Drinking Gourd that the Slaves would sing (you can probably hear Follow the Drinking Gourd on ytube).

When the Stars came out The Africans would look to the Stars towards the Drinking Gourd for the Famed North Star.

Because that North Star could lead to their Freedom and often viewed as a sign from God to runaway from Slavery.

I mean Nat Turner observed an Solar Eclipse an felt that it was a Sign from God to gain freedom by force.

I know Astronomy calls the Drinking Gourd, The Big Dipper.

So what's my question about The Star of Bethlehem, an The Big Dipper?

Is it possible that what the African Slaves were seeing was Planets Aligning up in The Big Dipper?

Harriet Tubman returned to the South 19 Times to save 300 others from Slavery using that North Star as a Guide, she used the star for herself when she ran away from Slavery.

My point is that the Slaves felt that The North Star, was in turn The Star of Bethlehem, that led the Magi to Christ in the manger.

My question is how often do The Planet's Align?

It seemed that alignment of The Planet's was a continuation of this process during Slavery.

I'm talking Jupiter, Saturn, Mars or perhaps Jupiter and Saturn.

So that's what I wanted to know about the Solar Systems Star of Bethlehem.

At another time perhaps sometime I'll talk about how the Planets are named after Fallen Angel's within The Books of Enoch.

In the mean time I have to go now all I ask is please, please, answer my question if The African Slaves were simply looking at The Planet's Aligning because that would be incredible.

Don't forget Follow the Drinking Gourd song is on ytube, if you're interested in hearing it.

Until next time Everyone, Goodbye!

To Zucchini
The alignment took place 12/24/20 and the addition of Mars is taking place a couple of days ago and still close. As far as the drinking gourd , the north was a place of freedom and the place to escape . It is covered in some Astronomy magazines and back thousands of years in some cases.

Hi AJ,

Hope your New Year is starting off to a great beginning.

Thank you for that on Mars good to know; Follow the Drinking Gourd is in Astronomy Magazine's well that's certainly uplifting to be aware of.