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Secrets and Enigmas of the Sumerians and Akkadians


Secrets and Enigmas of the Sumerians and Akkadians

The WHISPERING TALES series tells an intriguing and fascinating story about the most outstanding heroic epochs of all time, when demigods and god-men ruled the earth, when heaven and earth aligned in a cosmic game of power and glory, when the greatest of all epic tales, legends and myths were born in the mist of the distant past. 

SECRETS AND ENIGMAS focuses more specifically on the great heroic epochs of ancient Middle Eastern history when divinised and deified kings and emperors from the great Sumerian and Akkadian dynasties, revered as demigods or scions of the gods, ruled the world. Those most brilliant of ancient heroes did not only build magnificent and monumental structures, founded the greatest of world empires ever known to man and achieve unparalleled glory and fame remembered and retold in epic tales and myths for thousands of years, they also held the strangest and most peculiar views about themselves and their place in cosmic history.

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Hi All,

Man I so I want this Book it sounds interesting plus having been guided I'll say by The Holy Trinity to The Book's of Enoch an Jubilees I think I can relatively follow This intriguing aspect of Earth's History involving our Ancient Ancestors.

Although, where I'm coming from I don't think it's a great idea to celebrate these Ancient guys that once lived amongst Us they very nearly drove Us Human Being's to extinction by how they sought to Rule Earth.

Should these thing's ever arrive again They'll have a Bone to Pick with Us because Being Accountable is not in Their Forte, it'll be equivalent too (this is the worse/best example, that I could think of), The Rapist blaming the Victim or The Abusive Spouse Blaming the battered Spouse for Their action's.

All in all I do wish I could buy this Book not in my current Financial Situation are any of these Book's possibly at some University Libraries or General Libraries open to The Public?
Please don't recommend Libraries with Library of Congress Classification/Dewey Decimal Classification is the one, that I understand.

That's all I wished to say about this exciting Book Suggested by Ancient Origin's