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Remnants of a Distant Past: A New Theory to Explain the UFO Phenomenon


Remnants of a Distant Past: A New Theory to Explain the UFO Phenomenon

Are the Common Views about Human History and UFOs Completely Wrong? REMNANTS OF A DISTANT PAST explores the possibility that UFOs are not piloted by aliens, but by humans. There is more evidence to support this theory than there is to support the idea that extraterrestrials pilot such craft. Remnants of a Distant Past explores this possibility and provides information about sightings in the famous Bermuda and Pacific Triangles. It also explores the possibility of active underwater cities, advanced ancient civilizations, and the cyclical nature of time. This book offers a new way to interpret existing evidence: a way that might change forever the common view of UFOs and extraterrestrial visitations. The Compelling Idea that Disrupts the Ancient Alien Theory and History as We Know It


I used to give lectures in London and Wales. Most UFOs 95% are man made...USAF has at least 60 types of aircraft from boomerang shapes to teardrop shapes and many fly out of Holloman AFB. Lockheed, Boeing, Sony, BMW, VW, AIG, SAIC, Phillips, BAE, Marconi, EE, GEC,Chance Vought, are involved in their production.

The idea that ET is us from the future is not a new one either. Tchau David