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REIKI - IL CUORE E LA MENTE- Esperienze e scoperte in un diario di viaggio


In this book, Alessandra Filiaci, Reiki Master, shares her research and experiences in the world of Energy, offering food for thought and useful information for anyone who wants to enter the Heart of the Natural Healing System by Mikao Usui. The Author retraces its history, focusing on the deep meaning of symbols, initiation, tradition, work on oneself, respect, gratitude and sharing knowledge. The work REIKI – IL CUORE E LA MENTE. Esperienze e scoperte in un diario di viaggio has the value of a testimony and it is a fascinating tale studded with anecdotes and personal reflections that reveal the impartial research conducted by the Author, also through direct contact and correspondence with other Reiki Masters and Scholars of different disciplines, in an ideal journey between East and West.

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