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The Prophetic Mayan Queen: K’inuuw Mat of Palenque

Leonide Ma

K’inuuw Mat is the last of the four Mayan queens featured in this series . She married into the Palenque dynasty around 670 CE, at the height of their power. Her son became ruler and continued the dynasty.

She was born to serve the Goddess Ix Chel. But K’inuuw Mat is destined to continue the Palenque (Lakam Ha) dynasty by marriage to Tiwol Chan Mat, the fourth son of famous ruler K’inich Janaab Pakal. Because she trained in prophetic scrying on Cozumel, island of the Goddess, she sees the face of Pakal’s son with whom she will bear the dynastic heir—but it is not her husband’s image. Arriving at Lakam Ha for her marriage, she meets the man whose face she saw: her husband’s older brother, future ruler Kan Bahlam II. They are magnetically attracted and drawn together through shared astronomic skills. Though she resists, the force of their attraction propels them into forbidden embraces, until Kan Bahlam designs a bold plan that would solve his inability to produce a son—if he can gain his brother’s cooperation.

Set in the splendor of Lakam Ha’s artistic and scientific zenith, royal family conflicts and ambitions play out in a tapestry of brilliant Maya high culture. Their calendars, astronomy, secret language codes, vibrant art and sculpture, and scientific advances will astound people centuries later. As K’inuuw Mat contends with explosive emotions, she must answer the Goddess’ mandate to save Maya wisdom and cultural achievements. Most importantly, her passion with Kan Bahlam leads to a pale daughter and bold son who carry this out as their civilization begins the decline and eventual collapse her prophetic vision foresees.