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The Nephilim: Kings of an Epic Age: Secrets and Enigmas of the Sumerians and Akkadians


The Nephilim: Kings of an Epic Age: Secrets and Enigmas of the Sumerians and Akkadians

THE NEPHILIM, KINGS OF AN EPIC AGE , is a pioneering work tracking down the story of the enigmatic scions of the gods or Nephilim in ancient Middle Eastern tradition. Commencing with the most ancient strata of traditions of Sumer and Egypt, the focus falls on the earliest known and perhaps greatest of heroic ages, the Epic Age of great Sumerian kings like Gilgamesh and mighty Akkadian god-kings who ruled over the ends of the known world. Their epic traditions, which include some of the greatest legends and myths our world has seen, are brought to life in an unprecedented way.

THE NEPHILIM  also explores their secret doctrine. Although many authors have written about the strange world of the ancients, this work explores the secrets and enigmas specifically associated with the Sumerians and the Akkadians, something that has never been done before. The author’s newly published chronology for the ancient Middle Eastern world, dramatically confirmed by the recent discovery of an important cuneiform text, is utilised to shed new light on many gaps in our knowledge and to unlock those mysteries.

Also investigated and studied is the relationship between the Sumero-Akkadian and the Israelite, Persian, Indian and Egyptian traditions as well as the history of religion. Readers intrigued by the ancient world and all its marvels will find this work truly fascinating and absolutely worth the read.


Hi All,

Happy New Year Everybody!

I only found out about The Gigantic Nephilim's from descriptive narrative of Enoch through A&E's Mysteries of The Bible which aired from 1995-1998; & by the History Channel's Banned Book's of The Bible which aired in 1998

My response first hearing this was this is supposed to be about The Bible not Greek Mythology an wrote Enoch off.

Was I ever wrong looking back my response to Enoch is mirrored like one Jesus own disciple Diyamos Thomas.

Hearing of the Ressurection from his fellow Apostles in Christ Thomas refused to believe it.

See Jesus had forewarned his Disciple's that many would come in His name declaring I AM He and Do not believe Them because if So would be able too Deceive the very Elect.
Jesus instructed his Apostles too be shrewd as Serpent's.

Thomas remembered all of his our Teacher's warnings that's why he refused to believe that The Ressurection had ever happened. It wasn't till Thomas touched Jesus with his own hands that He Could Believe.

That's how it was with me and Enoch I too remembered that The Bible through Jesus warned of False Prophet's both Apostle Paul/Peter warned Believers about False Teacher's an so I figured that they could deceive one with words they could certainly do it with the written Word too.

An like Diyamos Thomas I felt a strong impression telling me it's okay Enoch is Real.

I'm still a fledgling in learning all there is about Enoch. I've read and study the quote stories of The Ancient World; classified by Philosopher's/Scholars as Mythology.
Enoch literally plugs up the gaps in those stories.

Through Enoch I've been able too learn that Mt. Olympus exists. Through Enoch there is an Elysian Field's & Tartarus through the Ancient Writing's by the Egyptian's there exist 12,000 Hells I can tell you there might be one surrounding Earth itself but, those Hells is out in The Universe.

Through The Book's of Enoch I know the Nephilim's are in fact The Nephilims Cronus/The Giant's of The Norse Stories and yes their Fallen Angel Father's are imprisoned in Tartarus in chain's possibly under a Mountain.

Through The Book's of Enoch I've Seen the Creator for in The Books of Enoch He interacts quite a bit with The Ancient of Day's; in his testimony. I experienced the same sensation whenever I read Book of Number's.

Moses request of God too see Him, I'm very Visual person whenever I read something from The Bible.

As I've said I'm a fledgling with what I am learning about The Nephilims an this Book sounds like a good read.

The question that I have is there anyway too read this Subject of The Nephilims in Sumeria as a E-Book with Ancient Origins?

Until next discussion Everyone, here at Ancient Origins, just want too say Goodbye!