The Mysteries of the Megalithic Civilization: Stories from the Prehistory of the World


What is the secret name of Rome? Why is the city on seven hills, like Jerusalem and Mecca, and was founded on April 21? How is it possible that the image of the eagle fighting with the serpent is found identical in the founding myths of the Phoenician Tire and the Aztec Tenochtitlan? What is the solution to Samson's biblical riddle? What is underlying the myth of the Phoenix? Where are the Pillars of Hercules really located? What lies behind the ghost of Herne the Hunter in Windsor Forest and the Mamuthones of the Mamoiada Carnival? How come in the Polynesian legends we find the travels of Odysseus and the Trojan war? Felice Vinci, the author of Homer in the Baltic, also making use of articles already published by him in authoritative scientific journals, gives a precise and reasoned answer to these and many other questions.

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