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MU: THE FIRST GREAT CIVILIZATION - And Its Connection To Peru, New Mexico, The Hopi And Santa Fe


Where did the Incan civilization come from? It was brought to Peru from the lost continent of Mu, more than 20,000 years ago.

A booklet of 8,595 words and 13 photographs about the cradle of civilization, the legendary continent of Mu, or Lemuria, with a list of references and links.

You have been misled about ancient civilizations and the far history of mankind. There is more than enough evidence to support the thesis that there was a huge continent in the middle of the Pacific Ocean more than 12,000 years ago.

Virtually every society around the Pacific Rim has a legend that states that there was a huge continent that sank to the bottom of the sea and that there was a great flood. Many islands in the Pacific contain archeological ruins that have not been explained. There even are underwater ruins and stone roads going down into the sea.

What causes the fear in geologists and anthropologists to venture no further back in time than a few thousand years is inexplicable. They act like the clergy who burned St. Joan.

However, there is more than enough information and evidence to substantiate that the continent and society of Mu existed, and may have existed for 100,000 years. The reason that the Garden of Eden has never been located is that it was Mu, which is at the bottom of the Pacific. Hawaii is the tops of some of Mu’s mountains and volcanoes.

Of equal importance is genetic proof that the Native Americans of Peru and the Western U.S. all have the same genetic marker, which clearly demonstrates that they did not come from Siberia—because no northern Siberians have that genetic marker—but that all Western Native Americans have their origins somewhere in the Pacific area.

The most salient proof and information has been culled for this booklet from the fifty-year researches and writings of Col. James Churchward, the ‘readings’ of Edgar Cayce, and ten books published in the past fourteen years, as well as Internet sources..

From these, it is clear that Mu is not a myth. It is a proven fact.