Moses Restored: The Oldest Religious Secret Never Told - Second Edition


It is an incredible time for history-lovers, Egypt-lovers, archaeology-lovers, and lovers of age-old mysteries that are on the verge of rediscovery. In a shocking revelation, Moses Restored shows how the heretic pharaoh Akhenaten lived on to become one of the most influential people in history: Moses. Now, in this brand new SECOND EDITION, go further into the mystery of Moses than ever before. With a redesigned jacket cover and over one hundred pages of extra material, this lush new chapter in the Moses Saga includes more pictures, more sections, more references, and even twelve glorious chapter collages which fuse Egyptian and Jewish elements. It has been four years since Moses Restored was first published. It has also been over thirty years since Ahmed Osman published his ground-breaking "Moses: Pharaoh of Egypt", which first equated Akhenaten with Moses, and it has been over eighty years since Sigmund Freud first startled the world by suggesting a link, any link, between Moses and Akhenaten. Moses Restored continues the trajectory established by Freud and Osman, building upon their ingenious discoveries by detailing each area of commonality between the Heretic Pharaoh and the Hebrew Lawgiver. Meet Moses in an entirely new light, where memory, myth, and monuments all meet. Better understand his former life, character, and dreams, and finally realize why Moses was such a mountain of a man. It truly is a story like no other in history, and it’s now better than ever in the greatly expanded SECOND EDITION. There is even a sneak peek at the upcoming sequel, MOSES REVEALED.


It’s about time this narrative finds its legs. The Hebrews rewrote their own history during the Babylonian captivity, purging any ties to Egypt so they could legitimize their own royyalty independent of it, but the truth is, they are intimately entwined..

Ralph Ellis did a great job describing the history in his book “Jesus, Last of the Pharoahs”.

Ed Hanson

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