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The Men who Changed the Course of History


This Book Contains the Fundamental History, Early Influences, Life Changing Events, & Lasting Impact of Historical Figures such as Moses, Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Gandhi, St. and Many Others!

The 21st century stands witness to the achievements of some of the most influential men in the world. And yet, no matter how today’s movers and shakers stand in contemporary rankings, how can we compare them to the giants of the past, the men who took history in their bare hands and bent it to their will? Whether they strode upon the stages of military power or at the altars of religious belief, they have left their marks on civilization.

Destiny is both unpredictable and fickle. Jesus, Napoleon, Moses, Julius Cesar, Saint Paul, Alexander the Great, Gandhi & Muhammad were men whose lives changed the course of history. They would have been remarkable in any era in which they were born. But by living when they did, each defined the times in which they lived. Their actions transformed the imprint of their countries and the world.

The body of knowledge around this subject is so extensive that Dominique Atkinson has skillfully compressed thousands of books, scriptures and teachings of these historical figures into this easy to read book. Of each of these Great Men, you will learn who they were, where they came from, who influenced them, the fundamental turning points in their lives, and what where their lasting contributions to the world.

Here is a preview of what you will learn…

  • The similarities between Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great’s energy, drive and hard-edge intuition
  • How Jesus and Alexander lived approximately the same number of years, the former winning souls from death on a cross, the latte gaining land at the point of a spear.
  • How St. Paul and Constantine, separated by several centuries, both altered their landscapes in service to the same God.
  • How Moses and Gandhi, in vastly different ways, brought the power of law, justice and faith to the fore as they liberated their people
  • How Muhammad was tutored by an angel and instructed by the holy, but he never lost sight of his own humble human status