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Megalodon the Perfect Predator (Italian book)


Megalodon the Perfect Predator  (Italian book)

Luke Perrington has no doubts: the huge teeth found in the Galapagos, in the beached carcass of a giant squid, belong to a Carcharocles megalodon, one of the largest sharks that ever existed. Shortly thereafter, the USS Cheyenne nuclear attack submarine conducts a thousand-mile survey off the coast of Peru with a new sonar system. The processed images are clear: it is a huge squaliform organism that lives at prohibitive depths. There is no time to waste, the research team organizes an expedition on board the Sea Dragon vessel, specialized in underwater scientific research.However, the real challenge will be in the South Pacific Ocean. Many things will not go according to plan and researchers will have to face their fears to study one of the greatest predators in natural history.

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Hi All,

This book is exciting is this by the same author of The Book The Meg which Jason Statham wound up starring in The Movie back in 2018?

The reason why I ask is that The Premise of this storyline seems remarkable similar to The Megalodon Book Series The Trench, then The Meg.

I did come across a story that happened sometime after World War II, involving a Submarine in The South Pacific around 1957, it was attacked by some type of Animal while in The Marianna Trenches an this Sub was a Nuclear Submarine.

Since there wasn't another Submarine found like The Russian Submarines since this happened to be The Cold War The sailors felt it was some kind of animal that attacked them.

There are records of the infamous Cookie Sharks seemingly to attack Subs in the depths of the ocean because Cookie Sharks pursue whales that dive as particularly Deep like that of the Subs so often do.

Survivors in the attack believe the animal was bigger. What other ocean dwelling animal does anyone believe that it maybe from The Fossil Record?

I'm really into The Bible so I think it's The Leviathan.

Most people consider the whale to the Leviathan but, then I read Job ch. 41 an The description of this Creature is that it's Reptilian an a harpoon couldn't inflict significant damage on this animal.

All in all thank you for letting me know of availability with this book Megalodon, until next time, Everyone, Goodbye!