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Magic In The Bible


Magic In The Bible

Inductive analysis of ancient biblical texts yields shocking conclusions in this controversial, in depth look at the magical practices of such well loved characters as Moses, Abraham, and even Jesus himself.


Hi all,

Here is what I recommend go to ytube and Watch Mysteries of the Bible About the Subject of Miracles and Magic.

Also, The Third Book of Ezra & The 4th Book of Ezra listen to the Reading that is on ytube both chapters of Ezra is about 3 hours long turn the volume up really loud so one can learn an hear what's taking place in the Testimony of Ezra.

It's important too note Ezra's testimony in the traditional Bible comes during the Time when Babylonian Captivity was coming to an End an Reminant of People along with the Priest the Son's of Levi were returning to Jerusalem to rebuild The Temple known as Solomon's Temple.

I won't bother complaining if the Church Father's weren't so afraid of Enoch, Jubilees, an The Book's of Ezra's we'd be having an whole other conversation right now.

I'm sure, if I happen to remember something else, I'll share it here as well so until next time Everyone, Goodbye!