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Leviathan vs. Behemoth


The events that led to and encompass the Roman-Parthian Wars has been given little attention in academia. Few historical sources and commentators have written about it and in many cases contradict one another. It is apparent that historical researcher and author, Cam Rea has spent a considerable amount of effort exhausting the resources available to him and methodically piecing the evidence together; the result being a well written chronological timeline for this war between two giants: (1) the Romans from Europe to the Levant and (2) the Parthians, a coalition of small kingdoms encompassing Mesopotamia and what is today, Iran.

Having served in the United States Army and holding a BA and MA in Military History, Cam’s military expertise brings a whole new and exciting perspective to ancient military history. His experience alone qualify him for the ambitious endeavor undertaken to compile this extremely detailed publication.

Rea introduces the reader to the very early stages of political and economical turmoil plaguing the Roman empire at the turn of the millennium. He reveals the many players in the events and their agendas, some of which were not so obvious. He continues to showcase the tensions between the two powers as each event unfolds. Another thing which Cam Rea does well is illustrate each battle with great detail; that is, the tactics and strategies employed to even the strengths and shortcoming of each side.

If Roman and Near Eastern history is of interest, I would definitely recommend this title.

By Petros Koutoupis