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Letters from Under the Mushroom Cloud


Ray Hoy is one of the dwindling number of so-called Atomic Soldiers who provided support for the nuclear bomb tests at Camp Desert Rock, Nevada in the 1950s. While there he began writing letters to his late father, describing the awe-inspiring above ground nuclear detonations he witnessed, and what life was like in what he called, The Mushroom Garden. Unlike thousands of his fellow soldiers, Hoy has lived to tell about his experiences in this poignant collection of letters to his father. On several levels, Letters from Under the Mushroom Cloud brings into play the practical spiritual tools that all of us need in order to get through lifes most challenging moments. Well written, concise, and a delightful read. Barbara Dan, Historical Romance Author. Ray Hoys Letters From Under the Mushroom Cloud captures an unforgettable moment in time during a military stint on a nuclear test site, but more than that his book is a testament to the endurance of respect and love that keep alive people we have lost. You will be moved in ways you cant anticipate. Laura Belgrave, The Claudia Hershey Mysteries. Letters From Under the Mushroom Cloud by Ray Hoy is a poignant representation of the early years of the atomic age as seen through the eyes of a young soldier at Camp Desert Rock, Nevadas above-ground nuclear test site. Dubbed The Mushroom Garden by soldiers in Hoys unit, bright mushroom clouds often blossomed from the desert floor. After the passing of his father, Ray (Bud to his dad) wrote him letters about life in The Mushroom Garden. Beneath the simplicity of these letters, Ray reveals an era nearly forgotten, a national mindset never to be seen again. Written by one of the few remaining survivors of The Mushroom Garden, this book is an historic treasure. A must-read for everyone. Reenie Nattress, The Keeper of Time. Every American should read this. The book is a collection of letters to a deceased father about the life of a soldier who served and experienced, first hand, atomic bomb testing back in the fifties. The author, Ray Hoy, shares his priceless collection of heartfelt correspondence with his father. Thankfully, Ray has captured a piece of history about some very unfortunate tragedies. Many suffered and lost their lives to cancer and other diseases related to being too close to the testing of the atomic bomb or were overexposed. The letters all reflect the fondness Ray felt for his father and others. They conclude with a reflection upon the loss of quality time with people. The sound bite mentality seems to have found its way into our daily lives. Letters from Under the Mushroom Cloud is a worthy read and will become a catalyst to reflect on what is meaningful about life.