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The Leaves of Destiny: History, charm and mystery of the Naadi Shastra 5000 years of Indian divinationwith palm leaf


A journey into the most ancient past of a land that has yet to reveal to all of humanity its stories and its wonders.

India is the country of dichotomies, a place that from the most remote past has preserved its history and its traditions in a present in constant transformation.

Within this multiform landscape there is an oracular, divinatory and predictive system unique in the world.

The so-called Leaves of Destiny, or Naadi Shastra, is a millennial archive, a timeless mystery preserved in many temples within which the history (past, present and future) of men has been preserved.

According to tradition, their first draft dates back to 5000 - 6000 years ago and was reached by wise men (called Rishi) who would have had the opportunity to see the path of the souls in different lives.

Since ancient times this tradition passed from master to disciple, from "mouth to ear".

These leaves were written only for predestined souls, only for those who would go to India to look for their destiny.

Palm leaves are unique throughout the world, they are the oldest divinatory form known to date and which integrates various systems and tools to be able to read, not to predict, the path taken by a soul in this life and in previous lives.

This book traces the history, the charm and the mystery of this tradition.