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Journey of the Serpent People: Hopi Migrations and Star Correlations


Journey of the Serpent People: Hopi Migrations and Star Correlations

"As above, so below. The parallels Gary David has found between the ancient Egyptian sky-ground system involving the pyramids of Giza and the constellation of Orion, and a similar project to build heaven on earth by the Hopi of Arizona, are eerie, compelling, and deeply thought-provoking." –Graham Hancock, author of Magicians of the Gods According to their mythological traditions, the Hopi of northern Arizona have survived three world-ages—each created and then destroyed because of social or spiritual chaos. We are now at the end of the Fourth World, and soon going into the Fifth. Migration legends tell of Serpent People, the Nagas, who sailed on reed rafts across the Pacific from the continent of Mu to America in order to escape a deluge that wiped out the Third World. In antiquity the Hopi performed the Snake Dance in order to bring rain. This ritual still forms a crucial part of their sacred ceremonial cycle, in which the Antelope People equally participate. Some of the main points presented in this book are: •Ancestral Hopi mariners floated eastward with the equatorial countercurrents, landed on the west coast of North America, and gradually worked their way northward to arrive in the Four Corners region of the U.S. •The Hopi emerged from Grand Canyon, transitioning from the Third World into the current Fourth World. •Starting about 2500 BC, the Hopi Snake Clan made migrations north into Canada, south to Central America, west to the Pacific Ocean, and east to the Atlantic Ocean. They perhaps even helped to build Ohio’s Great Serpent Mound, which is oriented to the Pole Star and Sirius. •There the Snake Clan and the Horn Clan met with a race of giants called the Allegewi, who built astounding earthworks and possibly even created the Serpent effigy itself. The book provides evidence of the latter group’s origin in North Africa. •In their 1994 bestseller The Orion Mystery, Robert Bauval and Adrian Gilbert proposed what is known as the Orion Correlation Theory. They had discovered an ancient “unified ground plan” in which the pyramids at Giza form the pattern of Orion’s Belt. According to their entire configuration, the Great Pyramid (Khufu) represents Alnitak, the middle pyramid (Khafra) represents Alnilam, and the slightly offset smaller pyramid (Menkaura) represents Mintaka. •On the other side of the globe I have discovered another Orion template. The Hopi tribe had migrated around the American Southwest for millennia, finally settling in northern Arizona in about the early 12th century AD. They built huge stone “apartment” complexes called pueblos, and subsisted as farmers on the harsh high desert. In Hopi cosmology the region that corresponds to the Duat--Egyptian afterlife--is called Tuuwanasavi (literally, “Center of the World”), located near the three Hopi Mesas. Similar to the ground-sky dualism of the three primary structures at Giza, these natural “pyramids” closely reflect the belt stars of Orion. This bold but rigorously researched book reveals the genetic and cultural connections between diverse peoples, including the Hopi, Hohokam, Mimbres, Navajo, Ojibwa, and Lenni Lenape of North America, as well as the Egyptians and Berbers of North Africa. This 560-page book is packed with 900 endnotes and 265 photos, drawings, maps, and sky charts.