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India. The lost civilization


India. The lost civilization

Indian history is full of charm and millenary legends, traditions and stories that sink at the very dawn of human civilization. Among all, one in particular draws our attention or the myth of Pralaya, an ancient cataclysm which would be followed by a flood that would have completely destroyed a civilization prior to ours. On the trail of these myths, and making use of the most recent scientific and archaeological discoveries, we attempted to understand and analyze whether even the 'traditions' of the Indian subcontinent had a concrete, real foundation, unexpectedly discovering how not only their most sacred texts tell the same story but even more how numerous archaeological and scientific discoveries made in the last two decades have given value and subsistence to this reality. Ours was a journey of rediscovery, in which historical reality and legend seem to have merged into a single truth, a path from which concrete clues have emerged about our history such as to necessarily lead us to have to rewrite it

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