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The Hittites: The Lost Empire of the Ancient World



While every schoolchild is familiar with the wonders of ancient Egypt and most are familiar, at least in passing, with the great civilizations of Assyria and Babylon in Mesopotamia, there is one great power of the ancient Near East that was, until just over a century ago, lost to history. This was the Hittite civilization, the great power that arose in central Anatolia and became as powerful as the kingdom of Egypt itself. This book is dedicated to the history of the Hittites, the great empire that was forgotten by the world for almost 3,000 years.

The Hittites are a fascinating people both because of their unique origins and because of the great empire that they built. Unlike any of the other major powers of the ancient world, the Hittites were a people who spoke an Indo-European language, the first known in history. Migrating into Anatolia sometime before 2,000 BCE, the Hittites rose to dominate the indigenous populations and build an empire that encompassed much of modern day Turkey and Syria.

In this brief and easy to understand, yet thorough, history, you will find a comprehensive history of the Hittite kingship, including an overview of every known ruler of the Hittite empire. You will also learn about the diplomatic relationships, military traditions, and laws that defined the way of life of the Hittites. Descriptions of archaeological sites, Hittite religious practices, and the history surrounding the rediscovery of the Hittite civilization are also included to give the reader a complete look at the world of the Hittites.

"The Hittites: The Lost Empire of the Ancient World" is intended as an approachable work that any lay person with an active interest in the history of the ancient world can read and understand without the need for any specialized background in the subject. If you want to learn about the general history, customs, and life of the Hittites, this book is intended to give you the best overview that is possible in an interesting and engaging manner without requiring an extensive background in Near Eastern studies.

The topics that you will find covered in the various sections of this work are as follows:

  • The origin of the Hittites
  • A complete history of the Hittite empire, from the first kings until its collapse in the Late Bronze Age
  • The archaeological and linguistic discoveries that enabled us to learn what we now known about this amazing civilization
  • A complete description of Hattusa, the Hittite capital city
  • An overview of the military of the Hittites, both in terms of military tradition and its form and strategies
  • An introduction to the religion and mythology practiced in the ancient Hittite empire
  • A discussion of the legacy of the Hittites and of the Neo-Hittite kings that followed the collapse of the empire.

In the appendices that follow, you will find select words translated from the first known Indo-European language in history into modern day English, a list of several important sites of research and excavation, a list of select Hittite laws with an analysis of their legal code, and a short selected bibliography for further reading.

The Hittites are one of the most fascinating and enigmatic civilizations of the ancient world, and few works are available to the non-specialized general public that offer a comprehensive look at their world. In this book, you will learn the major aspects of Hittite history, life and culture.