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Hitler: the Missing Years


An intimate friend of Adolf Hitler’s who turned against him during the Nazi rise to power delves into the character of one of history’s most evil dictators.

Of American and German parentage, Ernst Hanfstaengl graduated from Harvard and ran the family business in New York for a dozen years before returning to Germany in 1921. By chance he heard a then little-known Adolf Hitler speaking in a Munich beer hall and, mesmerized by his extraordinary oratorical power, was convinced the man would some day come to power. As Hitler’s fanatical theories and ideas hardened, however, he surrounded himself with rabid extremists such as Goering, Hess, and Goebbels, and Hanfstaengl became estranged from him. 

But with the Nazi’s major unexpected political triumph in 1930, Hitler became a national figure, and he invited Hanfstaengl to be his foreign press secretary. It is from this unique insider’s position that the author provides a vivid, intimate view of Hitler—with his neuroses, repressions, and growing megalomania—over the next several years. In 1937, four years after Hitler came to power, relations between Hanfstaengl and the Nazis had deteriorated to such a degree that he was forced to flee for his life, escaping to Switzerland. Here is a portrait of Hitler as you’ve rarely seen him.


Hanfstaengl was a long-time friend of president Roosevelt (USA). Roosevelt spoke fluent German. Hanfstaengl was present at the Nazi false flag event, the burning down of the Reichstag (Berlin Parliament building). How far Roosevelt was 'in the know' on all this is a murky question, but it is unlikely he was not informed by his spooks that the Bush clan & the Dulles bros. handled Nazi business interests during WWII.
The Bush family was 'friends' with Martin Borman, who some believe covertly moved Nazi wealth to South America after WWII. That loot returned to Germany in due course, hence the 'German economic miracle', post-WWII.
What little info there is suggests that the European Union is a continuation of Nazi/CIA strategy, but this time employing brute financial power, rather than military might, to destroy global democracy. Indeed, the atrocities commited by ISIS rats in the Middle east are horribly close to those perpetrated by the SS in wartime Europe.