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Gotland. Journey into the Labyrinth from the Beginnings.


Gotland. Journey into the Labyrinth from the Beginnings.

Crete is in the collective imagination, the island of the labyrinth, which recalls classic myths like Minos, Daedalus, Theseus, Ariadna and the Minotaur. However, in Crete nothing was found that could resemble the concept of a labyrinth. For this reason, many explanations were given to justify the birth of the myth - that the labyrinth was the royal palace of Knossos,  the near caves of Gortina, or, even, a ritual dance. Nevertheless, doubts surrounding the myth were unable to be clarified.

If it's not Crete, what is the island of the labyrinth? It really exists. It has dozens of labyrinths. Just like Crete, it's located at the center of an enclosed sea between lands. It is not a warm sea, like the Mediterranean, but colder and situated at much more northern latitudes. We are speaking of the Baltic Sea and the Gotland Island.

With this book, the historical researcher and writer Giancarlo Pavat (one of the greatest Italian labyrint and maze experts), together with the photographers Fabio Consolandi and Luca Pascucci, takes us to the discovery of an island that can really be considered the cradle of the symbol of the labyrinth. A journey to the origins of the labyrinth which is also a journey into the most remote and mysterious past of Man.

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