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The Golden Thread of Time: A Quest for the Truth and hidden knowledge of the Ancients


The Golden Thread of Time: A Quest for the Truth and hidden knowledge of the Ancients

Time is the most important commodity on Earth, we live by it and we die by it, it gives order to our lives and we control all of our modern society using time and its modern instruments. We think we have mastered time, what if we are wrong?

We are told in the Bible in Genesis 1 verse 14, that our ancestors measured time by the stars and moon and we are told by evolutionists that ancient people used basic astronomy to achieve a crude understanding of time.

What if the war between science and religion has psychologically obscured an obvious and indisputable fact from us all?

If our ancestors could measure time accurately, then all our science and technical achievements would have been inherited in a tree of knowledge that brought us to where we are today.

What if the Church in its desperate struggle to keep a profitable business alive and functioning has created such division over the ages that we do not understand the simple messages left by our ancestors on the real nature of time.

What if both church and crown in their pact to rule Europe, obscured a scientific system inherited from Palaeolithic and Neolithic sea faring hunter gatherers that was used for thousands of years to keep time while measuring and travelling the planet and developing a philosophy that maintained a balance with Nature?

There is a golden thread of truth running through our history that millions cannot see, but that if we did, it may give us hope for our children in a world adrift without an anchor, where time runs faster, exploitation is rife and honesty is a bye word from a lost time, imagined to be better, where society cared about its people and families about their children living by rules that were easy to understand and no one old, poor or disabled lived in isolation.

The Golden Thread of Time is designed to give hope where it does not exist, providing answers where there have been none while motivating people to look beyond the mundane toward the light.
Do you care?

About the Author

Born in Scotland in 1949, Crichton E M Miller researches ancient history, timekeeping and navigation.

After service in the RAF, he worked as a senior manager in several Insurance companies.

In 1997, Crichton discovered that the cross was older than Christianity and a vital key to an ancient forgotten knowledge of timekeeping and mathematics allowing our ancestors to travel the oceans using basic astronomy. To prove the theory he constructed a model and applied for two patents on the cross as a “survey, astronomy and navigation device “. The patents were both granted proving the theory. Crichton has demonstrated the working cross at Cambridge University and has taken part in many TV and Radio programs as well as having articles printed in the Scotsman. Crichton published his work in 2001 and his first edition has become a collector’s item fetching as much as $6000 for a signed copy.

The theory is published in several books by other non-fiction authors. As an entrepreneur, Crichton put this ancient knowledge of time control to work designing complex platforms in cloud technology to manage time critical supply chains of thousands of temporary workers to most of the largest names in transport and logistics.