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The Giants of Stonehenge and Ancient Britain


The Giants of Stonehenge and Ancient Britain

Stories of giants being involved in the construction of megalithic sites, earthworks and other ancient monuments have been alive in the consciousness of the British for millennia. Legends and creation stories hark back to an earlier age of elemental beings, high magic and giant kings ruling the land. Collating hundreds of historical  accounts of massive bones and skeletons being found in the vicinity of sites such as Stonehenge, adds some credence to the idea that age-old myths encoded detailed histories and insights from many thousands of years ago.

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Hi All,

Coming off an intense Forum Discussion regarding The Giant's Footprints this certainly sounds reasonable. You know I went on ytube an watched a 30 minute documentary about Native American's and Bible Prophecy.

A pastor interviewed An Indigenous Man Chief Joseph WindRiver who has famously wrote The Book That's What The Old One's Said it's available on Amazon. Getting back to Chief Joseph's interview; He mentioned that the Giant's of The World and in America were responsible for the building of The Pyramid's and other Ancient Engineering Wonder's.

From the title of this latest Book involving Giant's and Stonehenge just got proven right. Anyways thank you for the information regarding This New Study Book on those pesky Giant's that built Stonehenge it'll be a while before I get the money to buy this awesome Book.

Until next time, Everyone, Goodbye!