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The Eden-Atlantis Project


The Eden-Atlantis Project

The Eden-Atlantis Project: The Archaeological Site of Eden and Atlantis in the Eastern Mediterranean serves as a proper addition and addendum to both Discovery of Atlantis (Robert Sarmast) and Atlantis - New Revelations (The History Channel). It was written by Commodore Robert Stanley Bates, who has led distinguished careers as an officer in the Coast Guard and as a U.S. Merchant Marine over the period of the last six decades. He accompanied [as an expedition leader and again as a consultant] both Sarmast and the crew of the History Channel in the first two expeditions (2004 and 2006) to survey and study a stretch of submerged land to the East of Cyprus in what would have formed a land bridge connecting the island to the Eastern Mediterranean mainland.

The focus of this approximately 85-page research is to provide more detail of those two expeditions and in turn, the author’s personal interpretation of the evidence collected. With ancient sources (Sumerian, Biblical, et al) as his companion and the data at his disposal, Captain Bates leads the reader on a quest to not only identify this submerged land as Plato’s source for Atlantis but also as the source of the Biblical land of Eden, until about 37,000 - 11,600 years ago, when catastrophic geological activity pulled it into the sea and the sea levels began to rise submerging more with it.

Early on in this work, it is obvious to the reader that Captain Bates holds a considerable amount of knowledge in both the ancient texts and in geology. He also exercises it fairly well, leaving the reader with little to no unanswered questions on how he would have come to his conclusions. I also appreciated how candid he was with regards to the original two expedition, with every success and especially, with every failure. We are talking about missed opportunities, failing equipment, etc. He also shares his plans for what may be a third exhibition.

While this publication does indeed build on top of Discovery of Atlantis and Atlantis - New Revelations , reading and viewing those materials are not a required prerequisite; the latter of which can be viewed, alongside promotional materials, on the official Eden-Atlantis Project website:

By Petros Koutoupis