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The Discovery of Troy and its Lost History


There comes a time when one must question conventional wisdom and that is exactly the approach that independent researcher and author Bernard Jones has taken. Fascinated by the entire Trojan Cycle (e.g. the stories involving the Trojan War and the events that followed it) and coupled with his desire to learn more about the history of Britain, Jones makes a bold move and challenges what we know or claim to know about these stories and events. The result is thirty-five years worth of published research: The Discovery of Troy and its Lost History.

It has long been thought, as tradition would have it, that the entire events of the Trojan War took place on the shores of Anatolia in the Dardanelles, just outside of the Bosphorus. According to Jones and his research, this was not the case. Finding a lack of evidence proving without a doubt that this was indeed where the events took place and no evidence of a Western migration (Aeneas into Western Italy), he is able to identify the actual location that inspired both Homer’s and Virgil’s epics.

Using written ancient and Medieval written evidence preserving place names, bloodlines and more, Bernard Jones is able to identify key locations and peoples highlighted in these narratives.

Although, while the main focus of this research centers around the Trojan War, Jones expands beyond that to some of the stories that predate Homer. He ventures into the mythologies surrounding Jason and Argonauts as he attempts to re-identify his actual location of the Black Sea and more.

But what happened? At some point, these narratives moved Eastward and South, into the Mediterranean. The later historians such as Herodotus would later rewrite these stories and reposition them into the world most familiar to them: the Aegean.

By the end of it all, the book opens up to a much larger line of his research which he saves for the next installment of this series. And that is the voyages of Aeneas, as he flees Troy with the Trojan refugees, looking for a new place to call home. It would be Aeneas’ bloodline that would lead to the infamous Brutus, founder of Britain.

Bernard Jones has challenged what we have come to know about these heroic tales and if this is something that piques your curiosity, be sure to pick up a copy of this publication.

By Petros Koutoupis


A very nice read. This book takes us to ancient times and tries to locate the real location of the Trojan War. The author has done a great research to compile the information presented in the book. His use of ancient texts and astrological clues are admirable.