The Celestial Code of Scripture: The Astral Cipher Underlying the Miracle Stories of the Bible and Qur'an


While researching celestial mythology at Brigham Young University, John McHugh stumbled upon the arcane code that is the template for the legends and miracles in all Mesopotamian, Greek, Roman, Jewish, Christian, and Islamic scriptures.

This code was embedded in the archaic Mesopotamian belief system that conceptualized the astral sky as the “heavens,” and its constellations and planets as deities inhabiting this divine realm. Celestial tableaux were understood as historical scenes that had once taken place on earth. Mesopotamian astronomers were regarded as magicians, the magi, whose task was to interpret and elaborate secretly on this “Heavenly Writing”― the literal writing of the gods.  The Celestial Code of Scriptures  is the first book to present and explain this secret Mesopotamian cipher.


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John, I would like to send you discoveries I made where the orbits of the planets were recorded in the dimensions of the tabernacle of Moses.  It is believed today that the ancients  thought the earth was flat and the sun and planets circled around the earth. But the findings with the tabernacle reveals that the biblical astronomers had recorded the length of each orbit of the planets around the sun...Michael