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Abraham's God: The Origin and History of the Beliefs of Jews, Christians, and Muslims


Abraham's God: The Origin and History of the Beliefs of Jews, Christians, and Muslims

Abraham's God is the incredible story of the origin of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and how they came to the shared faith in the God of Abraham, the God of over half the people in the world. To understand the culture and conflicts of half of the world, you must first understand the beliefs of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

"Abraham's God" is not a book of religion for the religious, but for anyone attempting to understand the deep divides and violent conflicts between Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam share the same fundamentals of faith in the same God, yet for most of history they have been violently divided. Abraham's God explores this divide as it follows the journey of the Jews as they develop their faith, then Christians as they built on the foundations of Judaism, and the beginnings of Islam as Muhammad brought Abraham's God to the Arabs.

The story begins long before Abraham and ends in the ninth century, when Christianity and Islam had firmly established themselves as the religions that would dominate the world into our twenty-first century. In the thousand years before Islam, Abraham's God tells the story of how Judaism and Christianity evolved and morphed in ways not taught in synagogues and churches. It tells how ideas of other ancient religions assimilated into Judaism, and then how Christians divided in their beliefs fought for centuries until Roman emperors imposed by law the theology of Christianity today. Not all Christians accepted the rulings of the emperors, and Islam was Muhammad's attempt to unify the mystifying divides. Abraham's God is essential to understanding the division that remains today between Jews, Christians, and Muslims.